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Main » 2012 » November » 29 » Encephalofluctuograph instrument
Encephalofluctuograph instrument
The scientists found that the EEG contains information on the activities of the neurotransmitter, which founded the of

"EEG fluctuation theory" when the neurotransmitter receptor role to produce electricity changes, and pass all electrical changes to the scalp and EEG was incorporated. In other words, the EEG contains information on the activities of the neurotransmitter. Fluctuation theory, analysis of brain activity provides a new perspective, the overall non-invasive analysis of the functional activity of neurotransmitters and brain possible. Encephalofluctuograph instrument (Encephalofluctuograph, EFG) fluctuation theory in the development of the EEG on the basis of a qualitative change in the EEG science; like CT is developed on the basis of the ordinary X-ray diagnostic techniques , but the X-ray diagnostic techniques in a qualitative change. EFG through the acquisition of EEG, the application of special methods of EEG signals were analyzed to obtain information of the neurotransmitter in the brain and brain functional activity, providing people with brain nerve cell activity.
Encephalofluctuograph instrument (referred to as of EFG), also known as brain neurotransmitters detector, in diagnosis of neurological diseases, detection efficacy, select the new drugs and treatment programs, etc. plays an important role. Can also be used in clinical diagnosis: headache, dizziness and vertigo, Parkinson's disease, neurasthenia, fatigue testing, cerebrovascular disease, epilepsy, high blood pressure, to provide objective indicators of medical consultation, analysis of brain memory function, mental retardation and brain function in dementia diagnosis and treatment of mental diseases, the detection of traumatic brain injury of brain function changes, to evaluate the efficacy and side effects of new drugs on the central nervous, rehabilitation of the patient's brain function monitoring, and ADHD.
beyond CT, magnetic resonance imaging
past of CT, MRI, and other technology can only detect the morphological changes of the brain, but the majority of the brains of patients with no obvious morphological changes, which makes the treatment of clinical mental disorders lack of relevance, resulting in poor efficacy of EFG Encephalofluctuograph instrument appears to make the examination and treatment of these diseases become more accurate. Check of the past, psychiatric diseases are very complicated, so that patients, family members and even doctors are headache, Encephalofluctuograph instrument has a special EEG interference signal processing technology to meet the application requirements unshielded environmental conditions; detection time only 10 minutes by the professional medical analysis of monitoring data to determine the cause of such checks to overcome the defect detection for a long time prone to fatigue and affect the accuracy of the test results.
technical principles
range of applications
(1) of various neurological, psychological diagnosis, treatment program selection and efficacy of tracking;
(2) inspection of the sub-health status of populations of brain function, special personnel selection of brain function evaluation;
(3) the physical laws of the brain or the mechanism of exploration.
1, before the examination one day wash your hair, avoid the use of hair conditioner, hair mask, gel and other supplies, so as not to affect the conductivity results.
2, a meal, to prevent low blood sugar affect the outcome, such as not eating or vomiting should be given glucose intravenously.
3, the average patient in the 24-48 hours before the test, not pills containing caffeine, amphetamine, ephedrine and other drugs, such as antiepileptic drugs have to stop taking, not stopping to show drug name, dosage and usage, so that the doctor in image reference.
4, before the examination to the patient do a good job to explain, do not wear nylon clothing, to avoid electrostatic interference, avoiding stress, in the twinkling of an eye, teeth, swallowing, shaking his head or body activities, Khan should wipe to avoid the impact of error results.
5, check, maintain the natural, do not fear the muscles relax so as not to EMG interference.
6, the light soft, weak, was seized within one meter to avoid outside activities to avoid high-power devices within 20 meters.
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