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Goal-Directed Fluid Management Based on The Pulse Oximeter-Derived Pleth Variability Index

目标指导液体管理基于脉搏血氧计派生 脉搏灌注变异指数(PVI)

Reduces Lactate Levels and Improves Fluid Management.



Eighty-two patients scheduled for major abdominal surgery were randomized into 2 groups to compare
intraoperative PVI-directed fluid management (PVI group) versus standard care (control group)


After the induction of general anesthesia, the PVI group received a 500-mL crystalloid bolus and a crystalloid infusion of 2 mL • kg(-1) • h(-1).

全身麻醉诱导后,PVI组收到了500ml的晶体推注和 2ml/Kg/H 晶体液注输

Colloids of 250 mL were administered if the PVI was >13% Vasoactive drug support was given to maintain the mean arterial blood pressure above 65 mm Hg.

250mL的胶体给药, 如果PVI >13%的血管活性药物上给予支持,以维持平均动脉血压高于65mmHg <... Read more »
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Xinhua | 2013-3-31 9:05:34

Yemeni Prime Minister Mohammed Salem Basindwa on Saturday met here with a visiting delegation of China's health ministry, expressing hopes that medical and health cooperation between the two countries would be further strengthened.

During the meeting, Basindwa said China and Yemen had enjoyed five decades of medical and health cooperation, which showed China 's support to the Arab country.

The Chinese medical teams have been healing the wounded and saving lives across Yemen for 47 years, contributing to the improvement of the Yemeni people's livelihood, Basindwa said.

The Yemeni government welcomes the return of the Chinese medical personnel after they left the country due to the 2011 unrest and hopes that bilateral health cooperation will be strengthened in the future, he added.

Chinese ambassador to Yemen Chang Hua, for his part, said China sent its first medical team to Yemen in 1966 and since then, more than 3,400 doctors and nurses had been working in the country and made contribution to the Yemeni people's health improvement.
... Read more »
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March 28, 2013 in Diabetes (Medical Xpress)—Traditional Chinese medicine could be a key weapon in the treatment of type 2 diabetes, a joint international study has found. Researchers, including The University of Queensland's Dr Sanjoy Paul and Peking University's Professor Lilong Ji from Beijing, have found that conventional drugs were significantly more effective when used alongside traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. The study involved a controlled clinical trial of 800 type 2 diabetic adults, comparing anti-diabetic drug Glibenclamide as a stand-alone treatment and treatment with Glibenclamide in conjunction with traditional Chinese medicine. Dr Paul, who is Director of the Queensland Clinical Trials and Biostatistics Centre in UQ's School of Population Health, said results showed patients treated with traditional Chinese medicine were more than a third less likely to experience hypoglycaemia – dangerously low levels of blood sugar – than those treated... Read more »
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NAIROBI, Feb. 26 (Xinhua) -- Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki on Tuesday officially opened a hospital whose construction was funded by the Chinese government to scale up access to health services in the East African country.

Kibaki, who opened the Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital, said the institution is a key development in the government's efforts to provide accessible health services to Kenyans.

"The Chinese government financed the construction of the hospital as well as provision of medical equipment. On its part, the government of Kenya provided the land on which the hospital is built and also financed construction of support works as well as purchase of additional equipment," he said.

The Kenyan leader noted that both the Kenya and Chinese governments contributed to the construction of the health facility, saying the development was a good example of partnerships between governments in efforts to improve the welfare of citizens.

He noted that the Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital has served to decentralize and expand health services not only to patients in the Eastern part of Nairobi County but also has reduced the pressure on Kenyatta National Hospital which was previously serving the area residents.

Kibaki reaffirmed his government's commitment to improving both preventive and curative health services, saying over the last 10 years the government has sought to provide quality, affordable and accessible healthcare to all Kenyans.... Read more »
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The scientists found that the EEG contains information on the activities of the neurotransmitter, which founded the of

"EEG fluctuation theory" when the neurotransmitter receptor role to produce electricity changes, and pass all electrical changes to the scalp and EEG was incorporated. In other words, the EEG contains information on the activities of the neurotransmitter. Fluctuation theory, analysis of brain activity provides a new perspective, the overall non-invasive analysis of the functional activity of neurotransmitters and brain possible. Encephalofluctuograph instrument (Encephalofluctuograph, EFG) fluctuation theory in the development of the EEG on the basis of a qualitative change in the EEG science; like CT is developed on the basis of the ordinary X-ray diagnostic techniques , but the X-ray diagnostic techniques in a qualitative change. EFG through the acquisition of EEG, the application of special methods of EEG signals were analyzed... Read more »
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CUHK Develops an Automatic Retinal Image Analysis System to Help Diabetes Patients and Elderly Prevent Stroke

A ... Read more »
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By Fong Yun-Wah (HK Edition)
Of the long history of the Chinese nation, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been one of the most treasured cultural heritages. Only at the end of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), did foreign missionaries bring Western knowledge and medicine to China. Over the 5,000 years before the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), our ancestors survived, relying mainly on herbal medicine, acupuncture, aijiu, orthopedic surgery and other ancient medical practices. Our nation has been able to prevent most diseases (especially various infectious diseases) through preventive care, and it has thrived with the help of tai chi, qigong (Chinese breathing exercise), martial arts, meditation, and other sports. In addition, it has cultivated spiritual health by practicing all kinds of Chinese musical instruments, calligraphy and painting, and other recreational activities. The total population of 1.3 billion markedly proves the fact that TCM is indeed effective.... Read more »
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ScienceDaily (May 26, 2012) — For 5,000 years, the Chinese have used a system of medicine based on the flow and balance of positive and negative energies in the body. In this system, the appearance of the tongue is one of the measures used to classify the overall physical status of the body, or zheng. Now, University of Missouri researchers have developed computer software that combines the ancient practices and modern medicine by providing an automated system for analyzing images of the tongue.

"Knowing your zheng classification can serve as a pre-screening tool and help with preventive medicine," said Dong Xu, chair of MU's computer science department in the College of Engineering and study co-author. "Our software helps bridge Eastern and Western medicine, since an imbalance in zheng could serve as a warning to go see a doctor. Within a year, our ultimate goal is to create an application for smartphones that will allow anyone to take a photo of their tongue and learn th... Read more »
Views: 385 | Added by: Weifeng | Date: 28.05.2012

Singapore and China scientists, headed by Dr Liu Jianjun, Senior Group Leader and Associate Director of Human Genetics at the Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS) and Dr Gu Jieruo, a rheumatologist at the 3rd Affiliated Hospital of the Sun Yat-Sen University, have identified new genes that are associated with the spine disease ankylosing spondylitis (AS). This discovery, reported in the advanced online issue of Nature Genetics, brings scientists closer to understanding the disease and work towards its cure.

AS is a progressive autoimmune disease. It is characterized by the inflammatory low back pain, partly accompanied by peripheral arthritis, enthesis and iritis, and even spinal deformity and ankylosis. It can cause eventual fusion of the spine, a condition known as "bamboo spine". Its prevalence is 2.4 per 1,000 in the Chinese population, similar to that in populations of European ancestry. Genetic factors play an important role in the pathogenesis of AS and the estimated... Read more »
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SICHUAN, China, Dec. 2 (UPI) -- Probiotics, added to nutrients supplied through a feeding tube to a patient with a traumatic brain injury, may improve outcomes, Chinese researchers suggest.

Professor Jing-Ci Zhu -- study leader from the Third Military Medical University School of Nursing and colleagues at the North Sichuan Medical College and Hospital in China -- said traumatic brain injury is associated with a profound suppression of a patient's ability to fight infection. Probiotics, found in yogurt and supplements, are live microorganisms thought to be beneficial to the host organism.

Patients often suffer hyper-inflammation due to the brain releasing glucocorticoids in response to the injury, the researchers said.

Suppression of the immune system can be measured by an alteration of helper T-cells (Th) from Th1 -- which stimulate action of macrophages to fight infection -- to Th2. Th2 cells recruit B-cells, which in turn are involved in antibod... Read more »
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